Junior Reserve Officer's Training Corps

Integrated Activities

The Junior ROTC Leadership Education and Training Program uses a curriculum that is based on a systematic progression of learning: The scope, focus, and content of instruction is both sequential, and independent. It builds on previous capabilities, and allows a great deal of flexibility to the instructors.

JROTC Curriculum Details:

  • Citizenship in Action
  • Leadership Theory and Application
  • Foundations for Success
  • Wellness, Fitness and First Aid
  • Geography, Map Skills and Environmental Awareness
  • Citizenship in American History and Government Air Rifle Safety and Marksmanship (optional)
  • Service Learning (community service)
  • Unlocking Your Potential (building a positive self-image, personal potential and goal setting)
  • Winning Colors and Skill Mapping (behavior modification and decision making for success)
  • You The People (citizenship skills)
  • Financial Planning Program (practical money management skills)
  • Success Profiler (skills enhancement correlations to Leadership Theory and Application)
  • Quantum Learning (strategies, tactics, and tools for the classroom)
  • Leadership Application
  • Cadet Challenge

Annual JROTC Cadet Leadership Challenge (JCLC) is focused on adventure training and leadership development

Core Training

  • Rappelling techniques
  • Leadership Reaction Course
  • Confidence Course


  • Build citizenship
  • Develop leadership Skills
  • Build self-esteem
  • Have fun


  • Physical Fitness
  • Drill and Ceremonies
  • Organized Activities
  • Swimming
  • Picnic
  • Awards/graduation

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